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If you are looking for professional cyber security services, GTB Infotech is a leading Web Security Company in Jalandhar. We provide solutions for all your cyber security needs. We have cyber security experts, who have a lot of experience in providing Ethical Hacking Services in Jalandhar.

We help clients in securing their website from hackers at an affordable cost. We make websites hacking-proof, so that no intruder can steal your confidential information. If your site has been hacked, we can recover it fully and can prevent it from getting hacked again.

No system is completely secure. Any website or device can be hacked. At GTB Infotech, our team of expert website developers provide you with the necessary protocols for web security. These tools can help make you understand what kind of security your website or app requires. Thereby warning you of hacking attempts and help you in damage control.

Web Security Services We Provide

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking involves penetration testing or pen testing. Our web developers very systematically attempt to penetrate a network so that the client can easily detect the vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities give the hackers a motive and a way to exploit. Hackers perform hacking for selfish motives and intentions like monetary benefits. Ethical Hacking is done to penetrate the vulnerabilities to fix and prevent hacking.

Protect against XSS attacks

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks inject malicious JavaScript into web pages. This script then runs in the browsers and can lead to change in the page content thereby putting your website at risk. This can cause stealth of information by the attacker. Our proficient website developers make sure that users cannot inject active JavaScript. We work with Angular and Ember that provides XSS protections.

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Content Security Policy

Another tool in the XSS defender's toolbox is Content Security Policy (CSP). This tells the browser to limit how and what JavaScript is executed in the page. This makes it harder for an attacker's scripts to work, even if they can get them into your page.


Google boost up search rankings with the use of HTTPS. It helps protect login sessions, credit card details, user information, etc. It gives an SEO benefit. You can set up HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to disallow insecure HTTP.

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We use the following Web Security tools

  • Netsparker - For testing SQL injection and XSS.
  • OpenVAS - The most advanced open source security scanner. For testing known vulnerabilities.
  • - It reports which security headers (such as CSP and HSTS) a domain has enabled and correctly configured.
  • Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework - It helps you to be aware of the site's inputs and if they are vulnerable in Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Once you are live on the internet as a user, customer or a business person, it does not end there. You always need to have your web security intact. Our web developers ensure the use of many website security tools to keep your website, apps, data, etc. safe.

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