Web Development Company in Jalandhar

Web Development Company in Jalandhar

Our Website Development work is done in Angular, Node.js, PHP, Python, Django, .Net and Java. Our team is professionally trained in high quality Web Development with database according to clients requirements. In Web Development, we take care of both the foreground and background of website. Both the aspects i.e. Website Designing and Web Programming are taken care. Apart from this Website designing and programming is done with the variety of plugins for creating dynamic web pages. It allows dynamic editing of your static web pages through forms, submission, etc.

Website Development is divided into two broad categories

  • Front-end Code (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Photoshop, etc)
  • Back-end Languages (Angular, PHP, Django, .NET, etc)

Static languages include HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML which helps the user to create static websites. Plugins helps in enhancing the graphics of these websites. Website designing can be done for a single page website or for a multiple page website based on client's requirements.

Dynamic languages are used for server-side web programming in order to provide static information to the web browser for further processing as per the requirement. The most popular web programming languages are: PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Perl, ASP classic, Python, and JSP.

Website Development in Jalandhar

What is Website Development

Website devlopment refers to building and maintaining of websites. It is used to make the websites look attractive, informative and work well to give user a great experience. Web developers, also known as 'devs' uses various kinds of coding languages both front-end and back end to create and modify the websites. Web development is a great skill one should have as it has many new and high paid careers and is one of the most useful jobs in near future. There are two types of web developers: Front-end website developers and Back-end website developers. Front-end developers uses languages like HTML, CSS, Python etc. to create and maintain the layput of the website whereas the back-end developers work on stoage of data.

Web development may also include web designing, web applications, web engineering, web business and web content development, client-side/server side scripting. web development professionals also use content manangement system (CMS) to make the changes easier. One can make static and dynamic webpages using various languages.

Brief overview of the languages

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the most popular language used for changing the text into webpages and change it into backbone of any website.

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used for creating cosmetic presentation of the simple web pages and provide assistance in the SEO Services on the website.

  • JavaScript is a scripting language that’s widely used to add functionality and interactivity to web pages.

  • PHP or Hypertext Processor is a scripting language used along with HTML for developing and designing websites. PHP can be used to create dynamic and interactive webpages.

  • Ruby is an open source programming language which uses simple syntax and makes coding easy for the coders. It is a flexible language and you can easily alter its code.

  • JAVA is an incredible programming language which can help to develop applications which can work on both desktop or mobile. It works on principle of object-oriented programming and design patterns

  • Python is a general purpose programming language which can be used to create webpages and web applications.It is a very simple language which makes coding easy for a new user. It can connect to database files and can be used to read and modify them.
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